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No-Fault Insurance

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While it is important to get insurance as quickly as possible, it is even more important to know what type of insurance you should get and what it entails. 

There are different types of insurances that you can get from your provider. With no-fault insurance, bear in mind that you are not to get any compensation for pain and damages after an accident. 

What is a No-Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance which is also often called Personal Injury Protection Claim is a type of insurance that entails payment of medical bills and damages by your insurance company after a car accident. This type of insurance is very specific as you do not get compensation from the at-fault party afterwards. This means that your insurance company handles losses regardless of the party at fault. 

Different states have different regulations surrounding the no-fault insurance scheme. 

For example, in states like Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you are allowed to opt-out of a no-fault insurance agreement during the purchase of a car insurance policy. Also, no fault insurance las Vegas NV holds no wait as Nevada is not listed among the no-fault States in the United States of America. In states like Nevada, injured victims are allowed to sue the at-fault drivers as well as demand payment of medical bills including compensation. 

You should bear in mind that in cases of no-fault insurance if your injury is deemed very serious or your medical bills are above the threshold stated by your state or country of residence, you may step out of the no-fault insurance rule and receive compensation from the at-fault driver. This is only possible if you are not the one at fault. 

Why Was the No-Fault insurance Policy Introduced?

As the rate of severe injuries and deaths due to accidents increased, there was a sudden upsurge in litigation. This forced insurance lawyers to think of a way to salvage the situation as the litigation was financially straining and taking a toll on the judiciary. 

The need for basic protection coverage thus came about. This way, vehicle owners were made to purchase an insurance policy that covered their losses as well as any medical bills that may be involved automatically without the need for them to sue those who may have been at fault. Many states have adopted this policy which has helped in creating some semblance of balance in the judiciary system.

The scheme was modified in 1967 and adopted in 1970. It was challenged at first, but all objections were later overruled giving the scheme widespread acceptance both in law and by the Department of Transportation. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the No-Fault Insurance Policy 

No-fault insurance reduces the burden and strain that comes with an increased number of litigation due to car accidents. It also ensures quick payouts that may not be possible if a lawsuit is filed. 

Despite its acceptance by many states, many think that while it makes it easier for insurance companies, it makes it quite difficult for …

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