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What Are My Rights If My Accident Was Caused by Someone Who Was Texting & Driving?

Texting and driving is one of the most lethal forms of distracted driving. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common. Most people do not recognize the danger of texting and driving upon immediate consideration. After all, you are only taking a brief glance at a text, or an email – what could be the harm? 

Contrary to popular belief, texting while behind the wheel is nearly as dangerous as driving blindfolded. In the United States alone, it accounts for approximately 1.6 million collisions annually. If you have been a victim of a texting and driving accident, it is imperative to contact an experienced texting and driving accident lawyer at Reyes Law who will assist you in holding the offending motorist accountable. Here’s how to go about doing that. 


The Dangers and Legality of Texting and Driving

In most states across the U.S., it is against the law to text or otherwise operate a mobile device while behind the wheel. The only time at which this is acceptable is if the vehicle is completely stopped and in a parked position in an appropriate area (e.g., a parking lot or curbside). Even on this basis alone, you have the right to file a lawsuit against an individual who is breaking this law. Unfortunately, many drivers do not respect such laws, and thus, endanger themselves and others. 


This danger of this habit lies in its multifaceted inhibition to the motorist’s attention and reaction time:

  • Cognitive ramifications: The driver cannot fully comprehend all environmental information due to their split attention.
  • Visual impacts: Since the driver is looking at their phone, they are not paying attention to the surrounding environment. This is why this habit is compared to driving blindfolded.  
  • Manual effects:  When someone is texting, they are blatantly ignoring that standard and reducing the efficiency with which they control their car. 


There are several repercussions that can come about when an individual is engaging in this behavior. If you have been the victim of someone who was texting and driving, you must exercise the following rights:

  • The right to pursue legal action and, thus, compensation. 
  • The right to legal counsel when filing a lawsuit.


Exercising Your Rights as a Victim of Texting and Driving

Whether the driver was issued a citation by police officers or not, you can exercise your right to file suit against them. A successful case will prove the following:

  • The guilty driver was responsible for the action as a result of the three distracted driving effects listed above.
  • The individual was texting at the time of the crash. 


Note that, above, we state that most states outlaw texting and driving. Thirty states prohibit the habit for new motorists, while only 20 states outlaw it for all drivers. Before you pursue legal action, check your state laws to form the foundation of your case. 

Proving liability in a texting and driving accident can pose quite a challenge. People tend to be relatively covert when engaging in this type of …

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Steps to Get the Best Lawyer


Lawyer on recommendation


In previous years, divorced couples did not practice hiring lawyers during litigation. Today, it is almost unbelievable to think that you do not have a lawyer. Lawyers say that their clients mostly come by recommendation, because the tariff is the same for everyone. The tariff is prescribed by the bar association for every divorce law firm toronto. Each hearing that is scheduled is paid to the lawyer, and he also charges for representation in court and submission of a submission.


How much does a lawyer cost


Depending on whether you are filing an amicable divorce or a lawsuit, the rate you will pay to your lawyer will also depend. If you divorce by mutual consent, and before that you have agreed on everything (about alimony, guardianship, division of property), you will do everything in one hearing. For a consensual divorce, you will need about $500-$800. If you file a lawsuit, every lawsuit is paid to a lawyer, as is every court hearing. When it comes to disputes in divorce or annulment of marriage about the existence or non-existence of marriage, the lawyer is entitled to a certain compensation. If you have not agreed on the division of property for the regulation of property relations, drawing up a document, confirming the content of the document, keeping the document, annulling the document), the lawyer will get a lower fee.


Do I pay for every next hearing?


For representation at the hearing, the lawyer is entitled to: for each hearing the same amount as for the submissions initiating the procedure and for each hearing that was postponed by the court decision not to hold the hearing, 50 percent of the sum. For attending hearings, held or not held, the lawyer is entitled, in addition to the award for representation, and the award for each started hour, counting from the time when the beginning was scheduled, in the amount of 50 percent.


The sum from this tariff number also belongs to the lawyer for attending the expertise, the investigation, the hearing before the second instance court, as well as all other actions of the court that are held in the building or outside the court building.


Professional legal team that has conducted a number of proceedings of this type


A law firm that has filed and successfully completed a number of divorce proceedings. For this reason, any unnecessary delays or costs will be kept to a minimum.


Full support for both spouses from one office


Given that it is not a matter of hiring only one solicitor, especially in cases where there is consent from both spouses for divorce, the procedure will be completed without the need to hire other lawyers and incur costs that are not necessary.


Complete and appropriate offer from a financial aspect


Having in mind the lawyer’s fee, the law office is able to offer a divorce by representing all the authorities, and not only in court. In this way, will be able to, after signing …

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