Day: July 15, 2020

Are Personal Injury Claims Being Impacting by the Pandemic? 

The impact that pandemic has had on many industries has been devastating.


 But what is the impact Covid-19 has on personal injury claims?


Life is starting to return back to normal, but some places are still closed, disrupting your daily life. Things have slowed down, including the process of personal injury claims. But you must stay diligent and continue to work to get the justice you deserve.


After Being Injured

Once you have been injured, you must receive medical attention right away. Failing to do so will impact your insurance claim, delaying it even more.


Once you receive medical treatment, you must follow through with all of the orders from your doctor. Again, this will only strengthen your claim. It also helps to document everything you can about your injuries, including all medical expenses. The more thorough, the better.


Dealing with Insurance Companies

The good news is, even during the pandemic, insurance companies have been able to continue to work. However, there have been some changes, such as employees working from home or limiting hours.


But even with these changes, filing a claim, inputting the details, negotiating, and even agreeing to a settlement can easily be done virtually, meaning these claims shouldn’t see sufficient delays. 


Involving the Courts

Unfortunately, some personal injury claims must go to court. And this is going to cause a huge delay. 


Courts have had to make major changes by limiting the number of cases they take each day due to social distancing. And any emergency case is going to take precedent over your personal injury claim, causing even longer delays. 


If the courts are involved in your claim, be prepared for your claim to take additional months. Just keep in frequent communication with your lawyer and they will be able to alert you the status of your claim with the courts. 


Personal Injury Lawyers

Whenever you are involved in a personal injury claim, you should be working with a personal injury lawyer. 


Looking for a skilled personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia? Edelstein Law is still open during the pandemic and can assist all clients virtually if needed. 


To start working with the team at Edelstein Law, we recommend contacting them as soon as possible so you can start with your claim so you can receive the medical compensation you need sooner rather than later. …

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