Who’s Responsible For A Wild Animal Attack?

January 28, 2021 Off By Michael

Wild animal attacks can be devastating. A mountain of hospital bills can form from the injuries from an attack as well as preventative treatment for any transmitted diseases. Most of the time, you are stuck dealing with these bills yourself. But, sometimes, other people are responsible when a wild animal attacks someone.

Contact a Roseville Personal Injury Attorney for help if you have been attacked by a wild animal in these situations.

Exotic Pets

It has become a dangerous pastime to own exotic animals as pets. Not all of these pets are legal, but in any case, they are always responsible for any injuries caused by their pet. There really isn’t much difference between someone’s dog or lion attacking someone. The owner remains liable for any pet that is under their care. They still need to make sure they have proper enclosures for their animals as well as proper warnings.

Zoos and Shelters

Any establishment you enter, you expect a certain guarantee of safety. This is also true if you were to go to a zoo or animal shelter. Any attack that takes place on these properties is considered negligence by the owner. They have a responsibility to keep the animals enclosed and the visitors safe. Enclosures at a zoo are designed to keep the animals in and people out. They are still responsible for injuries caused if you somehow fall into or get stuck in an enclosure. If you are hurt from a wild animal attack at a zoo, contact a lawyer in Roseville, CA.


There are a few instances where you can get compensation from a true wild animal attack. One of these instances is if someone else is the cause of the injury. An example of this is if your neighbor is feeding wild animals. Since they are feeding them, they are drawing the wild animals into your space which can cause you to get hurt. Injuries caused by any lured animals can get you compensation.

If you are injured by a wild animal in any situations, contact a personal injury lawyer in Roseville to talk about your claim.