Where to find the best Legal aid in the UK?

May 15, 2021 Off By Michael

When you are in trouble probably you have committed a crime or you are being wrongly accused, you will need the services of legal aid. There are many legal aids in the UK whose services you might want to take advantage of and there are many places to find them. However, you will want to find the best so that your chances of being set free or getting a minimal punishment can increase.  Hence, it is important to take some steps if you are looking for the very best representation.

Read reviews

By reading reviews, you will get to know about the different legal practitioners and their reputation if you want to find online legal aid. Hence, you should visit a platform like UK.collected.reviews if you want to know about legal aids that are among the best and those that are not. You can easily check through a list of legal aids you have already shortlisted on their platform as you will get the experience of other clients they have attended to. You might also not have a list. When this is the case, you can just look at the online legal aids with the best reviews to make a shortlist.

Go to court

Going to court is another way to know which legal aids you can get and which will be able to properly defend you. You can check in courts around you to see what cases similar to yours are being prosecuted. You can subsequently attend the court sessions related to those cases to see how the lawyer of the victim is faring. You will be able to know if the legal aid will be a great person to represent you. You will also get to know about your chances of getting your freedom or the minimum term you will have to serve in the best case.

Read about past law cases

You might not have time to attend court cases that could take a month or more as you might want to get a lawyer within the shortest possible time. In this case, you can refer to summaries of past cases that are similar to yours. You will see the offences, pieces of evidence, the legal aid that represented for and against the victim as well as the final verdict. From the summaries, you might be able to get some law firms that would stand out based on performance and final verdict. You can learn more about them by reading reviews and visiting their websites. You can subsequently decide on which to use.

Right to free legal advice

It is worthy of note that you have a right to free legal advice when you are arrested in the UK. Hence, you should ask the police at the station where you are about the right and how you can assess it. This is especially when you don’t have money to pay for legal services. In this case, you might not have much power in choosing who would represent you but at least, you can go through your options and try to get the best.

Places to find legal aid in the UK

There are many places to find legal aid in the UK. For instance, if you are looking for a solicitor or legal adviser, you can check through the Law Society of Northern Ireland and the Law Society of Scotland. You can also check the Law Society if you reside in Wales or England.

If you need the services of a barrister, you can check the Bar of Northern Ireland, the Faculty of Advocates if you reside in Scotland or the Bar Council if you reside in England or Wales.