What should you do if you suffered injuries in a car accident?

June 29, 2021 Off By Michael

Claims Served After Car Accidents: What To Do In Alberta: Kahane Law

A car accident occurs somewhere in the U.S. every sixty seconds. It’s no surprise as there are hundreds and thousands of vehicles driving on U.S. roadways every day. 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), approximately 33,244 fatal motor vehicle crashes occurred across the country in 2019 alone. 36,096 died as a result of these fatal crashes. 

Meanwhile, experts estimate that around 2 million people are injured in the U.S. every year due to car accidents. 

Car accidents often lead to catastrophic results. It can also result in serious injury and pain to the people involved. Car accident victims are often left confused on what to do next after a serious collision, here’s what you should do if you find yourself suffering from car accident injuries: 

Seek medical attention immediately 

Regardless of whether you feel seriously hurt or not, you must seek medical attention immediately after a car accident. Don’t worry about your medical expenses and prioritize your health. 

Denying yourself medical attention won’t only potentially endanger your health, but it can also affect the result of your personal injury claim. Delaying a doctor’s visit can allow the insurance company to dispute your claim by saying that your injuries are unrelated to the accident. 

Doctors can give definitive medical proof if you get properly diagnosed. Their notes can serve as proof that your injuries were a direct result of the accident. 

Do not make the mistake of delaying medical treatment. It will benefit both your health and your claim. 

Observe if you have any delayed symptoms 

Some car accident victims don’t experience symptoms until after several hours from the accident. The adrenaline rush may have played a part in the delay, but as your body starts to calm down after the accident, the symptoms may suddenly start to manifest itself. 

Here are some symptoms you need to look out for several hours after getting involved in a car accident: 

  • Headaches – Sudden headaches may signify a head/neck injury, a concussion, or even a hematoma. Take note of when your head started hurting and immediately seek treatment if it doesn’t go away. In some instances, these headaches can be deadly if ignored. 
  • Neck or Shoulder pain – This usually signals a whiplash and needs to be treated immediately. 
  • Back Pain – If you are experiencing serious pain anywhere in your back, it might be because your muscles, ligaments, nerves, or vertebrae were torn or injured. Back pain can also be a sign of whiplash and must be treated immediately. 
  • Abdominal Pain – Sudden abdominal pain hours after a car accident may be a sign of internal bleeding. Seek emergency treatment immediately if you are experiencing unbearable abdominal pain. 
  • Difficulty with Coordination and Movement – This can be a sign of concussion. Seek treatment from a medical professional immediately as this can result in long-term illnesses. 
  • Flashbacks or nightmares – This is a clear sign of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although PTSD commonly affects soldiers, some car accident victims also end up experiencing PTSD as well. Prioritize your mental health and go to a therapist if needed. 

If you were recently injured in a car accident, you might be wondering how to get medical treatment for your injuries. You may wonder if you can afford medical care. You should also consider when it is appropriate to hire an attorney following a car accident. Insurance companies employ teams of professional attorneys who work full-time to keep their multibillion-dollar clients happy. Do you want to face them on your own? You certainly can, but it is usually not a good idea.

After receiving medical treatment for your injuries, it’s important to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer as well. Your lawyer can serve as a helpful legal guide for you during this confusing time. 

When you are hurt due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to argue for full and fair compensation for your injuries. Some of the most common losses recovered in a civil lawsuit include:

  • Future medical costs, including rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering from the emotional issues caused by the accident
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income if you are unable to work
  • Past medical expenses and losses related to health problems caused by the accident

The majority of motor vehicle accidents are inherently expensive, time-consuming, and severe in their consequences. You may be unsure, especially at the beginning of your claim, whether or not you should retain the services of an attorney. More often than not, it is best to consult with a California car accident attorney who provides free, no-obligation consultations before taking any legal action. You will not be charged anything for your consultation to determine whether or not you have a valid legal claim.

At the ending of the consultation, the attorney will learn more about your car accident and your injuries, and they will determine whether or not they will accept your case. Before committing to providing you with their services, they want to determine whether you have a worth pursuing claim. If you do have a valid claim, they can provide you with an estimate of how much they believe it might be worth.