What are the rights of homeowners in the event of an invasion?

May 20, 2021 Off By Michael

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One of the things that everybody dreads is their house being invaded. Nobody wishes for their homes to be invaded irrespective of if they are at home or not. However, if the house must be invaded the preference differs amongst individuals. For some who value their life and health more than their properties and do not want confrontation, they will wish to be absent when their house is invaded. They would prefer that the invaders quietly pick what they want and leave without danger to their life or health.

On the other hand, some believe that they are strong enough to fight off invaders and will rather be at home. They will attempt to make sure that the invader does not pick a single thing out of their house. The fear of invaders is the reason we have doors and windows in our homes. It is also the reason that we take other security measures including landlord insurance, physical security, as well as installation of camera and other security systems. If you are hoping to get landlord insurance for your property, you should compare landlord insurance reviews on BritainReviews to know the right insurance policy to opt for and the company to get the insurance policy from.

In the event of an invasion, you might be wondering what rights you have. The rights you have in the event your house was invaded are discussed below.

Right to call security agencies

You have the right to contact the emergency number and security agencies such as the police if your house is invaded. It will be wise to have the number of the department closest to your home as they will be the fastest to get to your home in the event of an invasion. You will also save some minutes if you call them directly as opposed to calling an emergency number that might further have to contact the police department in their office before the police department will identify the police department closest to you and inform them.

The earlier security agencies get to the scene, the easier it will be for them to scare the invader away or catch them even before they break-in. Things could get really difficult should the invaders already break-in before the police arrive. They could hurt people in the house and even use them as human shields to aid their escape. Hence, you should immediately contact the security agencies the instant you observe suspicious movements and activities around your home.

Right to defend yourself and your loved ones

Defending yourself and your loved ones are allowed under the law if your house is being invaded. If the criminal does not pose any harm to you and other occupants of your house, it will be wrong under to law to severely injure them or kill them in the process. You might be sent to jail for manslaughter. However, if the individual should attempt to hurt you or kill someone in the house, then you could defend yourself including using fatal force. It will help a lot to collect evidence to support this so that should a court case arise, it will be easier to get your freedom. This is also why having CCTV installed in your home can help you out when your house is being invaded. When they don’t intend to harm you and you don’t confront them, the CCTV footage can help to identify them and recover your property. If you hurt or kill them, the footage can help to prove your case of self-defence.