What Are the Most Causes of Divorce in Marriages?

November 19, 2021 Off By Michael

Why do people get divorced?

Normally, divorce is not an easy process. Probably, your spouse seemed resentful, stern, and aloof the last time you talked to each other.

Like always, you hope to talk things over and let go of the steam. Rather, one evening you come home from work to only get their clothes missing and a piece of paper on the table with words “I need a divorce.

So when that time comes, you might want to rewind back your memory to determine the cause of your divorce. Simple Divorce experts suggest that your marriage would most likely be falling apart because of the following reasons:

1. Lack of Commitment

In some studies, lack of commitment is one of the top reasons couples get a divorce. However, lack of commitment might seem vague and even difficult to prove, particularly to the individuals blamed for the issue.

The outward sign is usually associated with other reasons for divorce, including extramarital affairs, not talking out issues, and failure to work towards shared financial goals.

This is why many individuals point to lack of commitment as the major cause of having a divorce because they regard it as a problem.

2. Money Issues

Financial problems might make a married couple go crazy because money usually touches different aspects of people’s lives.

Regardless of the amount of cash you have, there will always be money issues as the primary connector in your marriage.

Money problems may wreck your marriage in various ways. For instance, if you are reckless with your credit cards, you may get a lot of debts without the knowledge of your spouse.

3. Infidelity

Cheating is among the major causes of divorce. In today’s world, it’s not just a physical affair, which happens, but also emotional ones.

According to every reliable divorce lawyer Brampton, they handle many marriage separation cases that result from affairs, which social media facilitated. It is very simple to reconnect with your ex-girl/boyfriend privately with platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

For some couples, their marriages can end up because of just a one-night stand, while for others, it might be multiple offenses.

So basically, the destruction of trust in already weak marriages might be the death knell to the relationship of married couples.

4. Communication Problem

This has an impact on almost everything, including family planning, money, and sex. If you and your spouse don’t solve issues amicably, you can easily head down to file for a divorce in the near future.

As a matter of fact, adultery is a result of communication issues. Usually, adulterous relationships begin as an innocent friendship, which later translates into physical affairs.

Plus, marriages without good communication result in a lack of intimacy, leading to adulterous relationships. 

So it is worth mentioning that it is not always about sex and physical or emotional intimacy. Rather it is about good communication.

Final Remarks!

The reasons for a divorce are different for all marriages. However, good communication after and before tying the knot might dull the blow of all the bad financial news and at the same time result in honest exchanges regarding habits, skeletons in the closet, expectations, and money anxieties.