Tips for Choosing a Good Lawyer

January 18, 2021 Off By Michael

Life is not always smooth. Sometimes you encounter legal problems, stumble, then deal with judicial officials at all levels. When this happens the real friends are lawyers, family, and friends who care. What is the trick of getting a good lawyer, not a mafia hustler and bribe lawyer?

If the (potential) genuine client is evil and the bribe is ingrained then the right probate lawyer tulsa ok is a thief lawyer too. A lawyer with anti-mafia integrity would not be a match for this type of client. Some firm lawyers will fire their clients if they are caught bribing law enforcement officers. Therefore, make sure what type you are and what type of lawyer.

Conversely, if we ourselves are people who prioritize honesty and care about the fate of the country, automatically anti-bribery and anti-bribery, then the choice of anti-bribery and anti-bribery lawyers is a necessity. Mafia lawyers are not for defending cases but rather to stay in prison or report to the police.

There are characteristics of a mafia lawyer in terms of verbal communication with (potential) clients. Among other things, he likes to charge clients a fee, which he says is for the police in the amount of rupiah / dollar, for the prosecutor this is rupiah / dollar, for the judge this is the rupiah / dollar, and for himself this is the rupiah / dollar. Beware if you meet this type of lawyer. Because paying the police, prosecutors and judges is tantamount to bribes. Criminal proceedings, free. If a civil case just paid, it must be official and legal.

Therefore, it is very important to recognize the type of lawyer. Apart from verbal language and body language – this is the first time you meet it – seeking recommendations from friends or family who know the attorney well is worth considering. Friends or family are likely to recommend a good lawyer who is skillfully appropriate for the case his family / friend is currently facing. And lawyers will tend to be reluctant and hold back if there is a recommendation, especially if this recommendation is a friend of the lawyer as well.

Mafia lawyers will instead of handling cases properly have the potential to create new cases. Should only one case eventually multiply to become other cases: bribery, bribes, gratuities, etc.

Dogs tend to hang out with other dogs. Moreover, mafia attorneys will in general be companions with individual mafia. On the other hand, good lawyers also tend to be friends with other good lawyers or law enforcement officials. From here it can also be a source to identify the moral quality of a lawyer.

A good lawyer never hesitates to sign a contract with his client to clarify their respective rights and obligations. While other attorneys don’t want to do the same, this is fine. However, in yet another situation, there are lawyers who take advantage of the absence of a contract to be able to ask for money at any time, for whatever and for whatever reason they are looking for. The term, his client is constantly highlighted without certainty and clear boundaries.

After completing the introduction of the personal integrity of the lawyer, the next step is to ensure that the lawyer is an expert in the field of the case to be handled. The law is so complex that from day to day new regulations and new theories are born that are dynamic with the field situation. An expert lawyer will know and explore up to the level of philosophy in a field of law that he is good at.

The rest, both parties (client and lawyer) each must know and be aware of their respective assignments. The client provides evidence and financing of a case. Meanwhile, lawyers endeavor to take care of the case or assist the suspect (in criminal cases). Don’t pretend that a lawyer can definitely release the suspect / defendant because it is the judge who will release the defendant, so it is not the duty of the lawyer. The duty of a lawyer is an endeavor.

Because of that, a good lawyer will never want to promise certainty of winning to his client. Not only because such a promise violates professional ethics, but also because it is the judge’s plot to decide a case. However, the role of lawyers is vital to get the law from the point of view of its clients.

The analogy is similar to that of a doctor. Doctors try to treat their patients, but it is God who determines healing. Same with lawyers. Lawyers endeavor to take care of cases or assist their clients, which determines whether they win or lose is the judge. The judge is God’s representative on earth.

If a judge has decided a case and the decision is legally binding then all debates must end and disappointments must be resolved. This is the relative justice that has been decided by the judge. Absolute justice is in the hereafter.