Questions You Should Ask Your Car Accident Attorney

September 28, 2021 Off By Michael

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Regardless of circumstances, car accidents are always stressful. And they become a whole lot worse when you are injured and your injuries impact your life. You might end up with piling medical bills and injuries might make you unable to do your work. Fortunately, a car accident attorney Peabody MA can easily help you to deal with anything that might happen. However, the partnership between you and the lawyer will simply go a whole lot better when you ask the right questions, like the ones below.

What Should Be Done After The Car Accident?

The first answer to this question is always that you have to get the medical attention you need. This is because your injuries might not be evident right after the crash. And there are injuries that only show up after years, months, or weeks. The medical professional can diagnose your injuries and the attorney can calculate all damages you should include in your claim. 

How Can I Protect The Accident Case?

This is a very common question that injury attorneys receive. Besides the fact that you have to preserve the evidence that is relevant to the case from the accident’s scene, the attorney will recommend that you are very careful with the insurer of the other driver. You should not provide any recorded statement until the attorney can review accident facts. 

Are There Deadlines I Have To Meet?

As you file the accident lawsuit, several deadlines need to be taken into account. The most important one is the limited time you have available to actually file the injury claim. Statute of limitations exists in all US states and can vary a lot from one location to the next. For instance, in Texas, you have 2 years in which the lawsuit can be filed for injuries. If the deadline passes, no legal recourse exists. There will also be some other deadlines that need to be respected by the attorney throughout the claim. 

What Is The Length Of The Case?

Honest answers are always offered by reputable car accident attorneys whenever this question is asked. Unfortunately, lawsuits can easily end up taking over one year to finish. They can also be ready in a single week. This is true for both trials and settlements. 

The big problem is that the more complicated the case, the easier it is for it to last a very long time. Also, insurance companies need to evaluate and analyze every piece of evidence provided or collected. 

How Is Communication Handled With The Injury Attorney?

This is one of the most important questions you have to ask your car accident attorney. There is a very good possibility you never hired a lawyer before. This means it is difficult to know what law firms need to do with their clients. 

Always ask the lawyer questions about the reports that will be offered and learn how often you will communicate. This is very important since you want to hire someone that will frequently get in touch with you whenever something important appears. Also, when you need to contact the attorney, it is very important they reply as fast as possible.