Physical and Legal Advice to Protect Your Business 

December 13, 2020 Off By Michael

Whether it is intellectual property or physical property, all business assets need to be protected. This has prompted me to write this article where I intend to give you guidance on the various things or steps to take to protect your business. 

  • Make safe contractual agreements 

In every type of business, a business owner will at some point make a contractual agreement with another party.

This might be your supplier or manufacturer, or just your customer. The sale of goods in their nature is contractual. The seller agrees to trade with the buyer. 

While in some, it might be as simple as checking out an agreement check box and others as complex as a procurement procedure, the law does not bargain on the validity of the agreement. Simple agreements might end up costing you more than what you thought it would.

In this sense, you need to cautiously and safely enter into agreements. It is advisable to seek professional help when drafting out agreements. 

In some cases, you’ll need authentication from a lawyer or practitioner of law. A safe agreement protects your business from the possible outcome of a breach from the other party. 

  • Confidentiality agreements 

Also known as a Non-Disclosure agreement, a confidentiality agreement is very important in a business setting. 

You might need a confidentiality agreement made between you and your employees for the protection of your business. 

NDA is important when you want to protect your future business ideas or maybe your formulae in manufacturing a certain product.

Take for instance in manufacturing cosmetics, different brands have different formulae to make their product different from another. Often, this information is at the disposal of an employee and you will be at risk of losing the same if the employment contract is terminated. 

In this case, you’ll need a confidentiality agreement between you and the employees. In case there is a breach on their side, you stand a chance to successfully sue them. 

If you’re questioning where to get legal advice online, many law firms have switched to offer their services online instead of the traditional knock-the-door. 

Care should be taken to ensure that you are getting services from a licensed practitioner of law because with the current waves of scams and deceitful advertisement, you might end up losing money and far worse get yourself in trouble with legal enforcement.

It is therefore wise to look at some online reviews about legal services online before proceeding to work with any firm. What you should look for when reading these reviews will include past clients’ experience with the firm, their past success when it comes to the service you’re looking for, but most importantly is the customer experience. 

  • Website protection

There are a lot of ways to protect your website. It can be through the use of security plugins or the running of protection software.

When doing online business, you must ensure that you have a secured address and this might be in the form of seeking VPN services which will, in turn, protect your data and other sorts of information you put on the internet. 

  • Taking insurance cover 

For a long time, the taking of Insurance covers has always assured protection. 

Currently, some companies offer intellectual insurance cover besides the traditional physical assets protection. 

With so many available options to choose from, beware of the reputation of the insurance company. Take into consideration the policies they offer, the premium, and the coverage they have before taking any insurance cover. 

  • Physical protection

Now, all sorts of protection measures have been taken but somehow you need some level of physical assurance. This is where the use of physical protection can be taken. 

First, you can secure your warehouse with surveillance cameras. Also, you can employ both security and night guards.

If the security is not tight enough, then as your last resort, you can equip your guards and security with ammunition. 

I know what you are asking, yes, it is legal to use ammunition for protection. 

There are licensed ammunition dealers that sell their products online, subject to some customer regulations or qualifications. To purchase one, for example, you’re required to produce an FFL certificate from a federal firearm dealer. 

One such company if you care to look at is True Shot Gun Club. What I have mentioned as requirements might not be the conclusive list and you should learn more from your supplier.  

Even so, resorting to violence and the use of guns should be a last resort because you will have to explain to a court of law why you used your ammunition, so it better be a good reason.